Sources of Information in Transportation
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United States Sources (including some international):

American Trucking Association. Publications and Services Catalog. Alexandria, VA:  ATA, annual. 

American Trucking Association. Safety Products Catalog. Alexandria, VA: ATA, biannual.

Bibliography on Logistics and Physical Distrubution Management. Oak Brook, IL:  Council of Logistics Management, Annual.

Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. Research on Transport Economics. Washington, DC: OECD, annual.

Summaries of Published Studies Relating to Impact of Long Combination Vehicles.  Chicago, IL: TTX Company, 1990.

Nix, Fred P. Trucks and Energy Use: A Review of the Literature & the Data in Canada.  Rexdale, Ontario: Ontario Trucking Association, 1991.

UMTRI Bibliography – 1984-1990. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan, Transportation Research Institute, 1991.

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