Sources of Information in Transportation
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Automotive Telematics Bulletin. London: ABOUT Publishing Group. Monthly.

Provides news and in-depth coverage, as well as commentaries, from leading experts in the telematics industry.

ERTICO eNewsletter. Bi-weekly. Information available at:

E-mail newsletter from ERTICO, a Brussels-based, public private-partnership pursing the development and deployment of ITS in Europe. Provides updates on ERTICO activities and events, as well as news from its Partners.

GPS World.  Newton, MA: Questex Media Group, Inc. Monthly. ISSN: 10485104. Information available at:

International journal focusing on Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and related technologies and their applications to ITS.

IEE Proceedings Intelligent Transport Systems. Quarterly. Stevenage, UK: Institution of Electrical Engineers. Quarterly. ISSN: 17480248. Information available at:

Interdisciplinary journal covering research into the practical applications of ITS and infrastructures. Beginning in 2007, the journal will be published as IET Intelligent Transport Systems.

IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Newsletter. Quarterly. Information available at:

Electronic newsletter highlighting the Society’s activities, features articles, book reviews, and academic opportunities.

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. Intelligent Transportation Systems Society. Quarterly. ISSN: 15249050. Information available at:

Focuses on the design, analysis, and control of information technology as it is applied to transportation systems. Abstracts only available at:

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. Bimonthly. ISSN: 00189545. Information available at:

Features articles on vehicle technology, automotive systems, and communications and control technologies.

Inside ITS. Wellesley, MA: BCC Research. Bi-weekly. ISSN: 1082071X. Information available at:

This newsletter chronicles recent ITS-related activities in North America. Provides industry news perspectives and current government issues. Article summaries only for current issue are available with free registration.

Intelligent Highway. Wellesley, MA: BCC Research. Bi-weekly. ISSN: 09596631. Information available at:

This newsletter chronicles recent activities in ITS in Europe. Provides industry news perspectives and current government issues. Article summaries only for current issue are available with free registration.

Intellimotion. Richmond, CA: California PATH Publications. Quarterly. ISSN: 10614311. Information available at:

This newsletter covers research in ITS taking place at the California PATH (Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways) Program. Each issue contains articles discussing current areas of research, or may focus on a specific theme.

International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems. Milton Keynes, UK: Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. Quarterly. ISSN: 14710226. Information available at:

Focuses on vehicle autonomous systems, covering topics such as driver assistance systems, intelligent vehicle systems, collision avoidance, and active suspension and steering systems

International Journal of Vehicle Design. Milton Keynes, UK: Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. Monthy. ISSN: 01433369. Information available at:

Focuses on engineering, design, and research in the development of self-propelled vehicles and their components. 

International Journal of Vehicle Information and Communication Systems (IJVICS).  Milton Keynes, UK: Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. Quarterly. ISSN: 14710242. Information available at:

Covers vehicle networking, information and communication systems.

ITE Journal. Washington, DC: Institute of Transportation Engineers. Monthly. ISSN: 01628178. Information available at:

Features articles dealing with the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. Frequently contains articles on applications of ITS technologies to traffic operations.

ITS America News. Washington, DC: Intelligent Transportation Society of America. Bi-monthly. Information available at:

Members-only newsletter highlighting recent news and activities of ITS America, the leading advocate for ITS development and deployment in the U.S.

ITS International. Kent, UK: Route One Publishing Ltd. Bi-monthly. ISSN: 14636344. Information available at:

Covers developments and deployments of ITS technologies on an international level. Offers in-depth features, news, and product round-ups. A bi-weekly electronic newsletter is also available.

ITS Solutions. London: Hemming Information Services. Monthly. Information available at:

Issued as a supplement to the journal Traffic Engineering and Control, this publication is presented as a magazine for ITS practitioners in the European ITS community.

ITSinpractice. London: Hemming Information Services. Irregular. Information available at:

A bi-weekly peer-reviewed online journal published by Traffic Engineering and Control in association with ITS United Kingdom. Contains papers discussing recent research and projects as well as the practical issues relating to the procurement and deployment of ITS. Bi-monthly. Information available at:

Designed as a news service covering the latest intelligent vehicle developments for cars, trucks, buses, and specialty vehicles.

Journal of Advanced Transportation. Calgary, Alberta: Institute for Transportation.  Three issues per year. ISSN: 01976729.

Articles deal with advances in the analysis, design, economics, engineering, operations, planning and technology of all modes of transportation. Abstracts only available at:

Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems: Technology, Planning and Operations. Philadelphia, PA: Taylor & Francis Inc. Quarterly. ISSN: 15472450. Information available at:

Covers scholarly research on the development, planning, management, operation and evaluation of ITS.

Journal of Transportation Engineering. Reston, VA: American Society of Civil Engineers. Bi-monthly. ISSN: 0733947X. Information available at:

Frequently contains articles dealing with ITS applications to traffic management technologies.

NTOC Talks, A Newsletter of the National Transportation Operations Coalition. Bi-monthly. Information available at:

Electronic newsletter serving as a resource on transportation operations and management (M&O) and ITS from an alliance of national associations, practitioners, and private sector groups.

Public Roads. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. Bi-monthly. ISSN: 00333735. Information available at:

Describes advances and innovations in federal highway issues, policies, programs, and research and technology.

Telematics Update Magazine. London: EyeForAuto First Conferences. Quarterly. Information available at:

Covers wireless intelligence for the auto industry and information on telematics products and services.

Traffic Engineering and Control (TEC). London: Hemming Information Services. Monthly. ISSN: 00410683. Information available at:

Covers traffic control and management, transportation planning policy and research, new technologies and products, and road safety.

Traffic Technology International. Surrey, UK: UK & International Press. Bi-monthly. ISSN: 13569252.

Contains feature articles, technology profiles, and current news related to ITS on an international basis.

Traffic Technology International. Surrey, UK: UK & International Press. Annual. ISSN: 13528548.

Annual publication featuring articles, reviews, technology profiles and news coverage of ITS, with a focus on the technology of advanced traffic control systems.  International in scope, it is supplemented by a bi-monthly periodical of the same title.

Transportation Communications Newsletter. Daily. ISSN: 15291057. Information available at:

This electronic newsletter offers news and information related to all aspects of communications in the area of transportation industry. Typically covers topics such as ITS, public relations and outreach, traveler information, and transportation operations. Also available as a daily e-mail publication.

Transportation Management & Engineering. Des Plaines, IL: Scranton Gillette Communications, Inc. Quarterly. ISSN: 15370259. Information available at:

Focuses on technology, systems and products directed at improving traffic and transit system operations and safety. Issued as a quarterly supplement to Roads and Bridges Magazine.

Transportation Research. Part C: Emerging Technologies. New York, NY: Elsevier
Science Ltd. Bi-monthly. ISSN: 0968090X. Information available at:

Scholarly journal addressing the implications of emerging technologies on the planning, design, operation, control, management, maintenance, and rehabilitation of transportation systems, services, and components.

Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. Washington, DC: Transportation Research Board. Annual. ISSN: 03611981.

Contains papers presented at the annual TRB conference. Papers from each year on the topic of ITS are typically published in a Transportation Research Record titled “Intelligent Transportation Systems and Vehicle-Highway Automation”.

Vehicle System Dynamics. Abbingdon, UK: Taylor & Francis. Monthly. ISSN: 00423114. Information available at:

Features articles emphasizing the theoretical background on the research and development of road, rail, and other ground based vehicles.

World Highways. Swanley, Kent:Route One Publishing. Bi-monthly. ISSN: 09644598.
Information available at:

Covers all aspects of highway design, construction, maintenance, operation, financing and management.

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